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It is no secret that legislators and police have taken a tough stance when it comes to drug offenses, especially those involving drug trafficking. 

If you are charged with any drug related offense, especially a felony offense of drug possession, trafficking, manufacturing, smuggling or sales, exercise your rights.  Don’t answer questions, and call our office immediately.   You may be offered an opportunity to be charged with a lesser offense in exchange for your acknowledging guilt.   Don’t take that offer without consulting an attorney first.

The following is a partial list of drug charges and you can click on the links to get a definition or further description in the Virginia State Code:




Virginia State Code

Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing


Drug Distribution / Trafficking


Drug Possession


Drug charges can result in lengthy prison sentences and/or very heavy fines if you are convicted.  With nearly 30 years of experience to draw upon, Michael Rieger knows the law and knows the prosecution’s burden of proof.

Protecting Your Rights

Most drug cases will involve a search – of homes, cars, your person or your personal possessions.  Any procedural breakdown in the search process – lack of probable cause, failure to properly execute a search warrant, etc. – can results in evidence being deemed inadmissible in court.

Michael Rieger will carefully review the details of your case to ensure your rights are not violated, be it in how you are treated when in custody or how evidence is collected.

Achieving the Best Outcome

Even if you are guilty of a drug offense, Michael Rieger will work with you and with the prosecutor to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 

Character witnesses, standing in the community and other factors may result in lenient sentencing recommendations.

First time offenders may be eligible for rehabilitation programs that, when completed successfully, result in charges being dropped entirely.

There are always options, and a seasoned attorney has both the knowledge and the relationships that enable him to explore those options for his client.  Michael I. Rieger is a seasoned attorney and he will work tirelessly to give you the best possible defense.







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