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Arrested for drunk driving in Prince William County? You're not alone - the county is serious and they prosecute DUI cases aggressively.

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Reasons to choose Michael Rieger:

  • You need an attorney who knows the law and knows the legal system. Few attorneys, if any, have defended as many DUI cases as Mr. Rieger.
  • No junior attorneys; no legal assistants; you will work directly with Michael Rieger.
  • Our fee structure is straightforward, fair and competitive
  • You can count on Michael Rieger to put his experience to work for you, and bring your case to the best possible resolution.

Why do we urge you to call right away?

  • Give your attorney the best possible chance to defend you. As time goes by it gets harder to ascertain all the facts and find the details that can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal.
  • Your case is likely to come up quickly on the Prince William court calendar. Give Mr. Rieger the time to provide the best possible defense for you.

Learn More About DUI Laws in the State of Virginia

What are my chances? Isn't a DUI charge pretty much a done deal?

Your rights must be protected. As your DUI attorney, Michael Rieger will examine all aspects of the case, for example:

  • Did police follow proper procedure in carrying out your BAC test?
  • Are there extenuating circumstances that could affect your BAC results?
  • Were police justified in stopping and testing you in the first place?
  • And these are just the beginning; Michael Rieger understands all aspects of Virginia's DUI laws and will look out for your rights in every way possible.

If you are convicted of DUI in Prince William, you're facing penalties that will impact your life, your finances, maybe even your career. Michael Rieger will explore all options to help you avoid that felony conviction.

Without a good DUI attorney, though, your likelihood of being convicted goes way up.  Hire an accomplished DUI attorney who knows how to fight for you in Prince William County. 

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DUI (driving under the influence) is not taken lightly in Prince William County, Virginia. If you've been charged, it's important for you to retain an experienced DUI attorney quickly

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