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Many people don’t treat traffic crimes seriously.  But the possible consequences are very serious indeed – stiff fines, insurance rate increases, loss of driving privileges, even prison time for habitual offenders.  If you are charged with a traffic offense, especially a misdemeanor or felony offense, you should contact our office immediately.

Speeding Tickets – Do I need a Lawyer?

We all can at times get caught up in our day.  We need to get somewhere and we need to get there quickly.  Unfortunately, sometimes we tend to hit the gas a little too hard when we are trying to get there.

Most people believe if you get a speeding ticket to just pay the fine and move on.  After all, the cost, while it is an inconvenience, is certainly not a life changer.  However, the cost of a speeding ticket goes deeper than the wallet.

Speeding tickets stick with you on your driving record.  Further down the road multiple offenses can results in increased fines.  On top of that, your auto insurance is bound to rise, creating yet another burden.  Before you simply pay the fine, you need to speak with an experienced traffic defense attorney to learn more about your rights. Michael I. Rieger has the experience and knowledge to help you fight your speeding ticket.  Contact Michael Rieger today at 703.352.1400 for a free consultation.

What is Reckless Driving?

Reckless Driving comes in many forms, but the most common involves a person going more than twenty miles per hour over the speed limit or in excess of eighty miles per hour, regardless of the applicable speed limit in that area.

What Are The Penalties For Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving in Virginia is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a maximum jail sentence of 12 months and a maximum fine of $2,500. A reckless driving conviction in Northern Virginia can also result in a loss of driving privileges in Virginia for up to six months.

The Virginia DMV also places a demerit of 6 points on your driving record for a conviction for Reckless Driving. A Reckless Driving conviction remains on your Virginia driving record for 11 years and may remain on your criminal record the remainder of your life.

Again, the penalities will go even further, often resulting in a hike in your auto insurance rate that creates another burden on your wallet.

Michael Rieger will examine all the facts of the case and fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.  Contact him today for a free consultation.

Protect Your Rights – Contact Michael I. Rieger

If you have been charged with reckless driving, speeding, driving with a suspended license, or any other traffic offense, contact Michael I. Rieger today.  Michael Rieger is the co-author of the book “Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia,” the authoritative reference publication used by lawyers throughout the state.  He has the knowledge and experience to help you reduce your traffic offense charges or have them dismissed altogether.

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