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White Collar Crime Attorney: Fraud, Bribery, Forgery, etc.

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Prosecution of white collar crimes has gotten very aggressive. Once you are indicted or charged, pressure for a conviction comes from the press and often from politicians and community leaders.

You are entitled to a fair trial. Exercise your rights, and retain a qualified, experienced defense attorney to litigate on your behalf.

Michael I. Rieger has been a criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia for more than 25 years, consistently providing an effective and aggressive defense for his clients.

Many people are surprised when they are arrested on some of the charges that come under the heading of "White Collar Crime".

Here are some of the most common offenses, along with some straight forward definitions:







Conspiracy involves two or more people agreeing to commit an unlawful act, then taking some step to act on the agreement. . The action taken need not itself be criminal. It must only be proven that those involved in the conspiracy intended to break the law. It is possible to be charged with and convicted of both conspiracy and the underlying crime based on the same evidence and circumstances.


Theft of money or property by a person in a position of trust or responsibility. Embezzlement typically occurs in the employment and corporate settings.

Credit/Debit Card Fraud

Committed when one person 1) fraudulently obtains, takes, signs, uses, sells, buys, or forges someone else's credit or debit card or card information; 2) uses his or her own card with the knowledge that it is revoked or expired or that the account lacks enough money to pay for the items charged; or 3) sells goods or services to someone else with knowledge that the credit or debit card being used was illegally obtained or is being used without authorization.


Offering or accepting something of value in exchange for influence, which can be applied to an employee, or a public official. Bribes can be gifts or payments of money in exchange for favorable treatment. In most situations, both the person offering the bribe and the person accepting can be charged with bribery.


Obtaining property or money through the use of force, or threat of violence, damage to property, damage to reputation, or government action e.g. prosecution or tax audit, etc.


Creating fake document(s), altering a document, or signing documents when not authorized to do so. Applies to legal documents such as contracts, legal certificates and other similar documents. Normally requires intent to defraud or commit theft.

Computer Crime

Encompasses a wide range of offenses involving computers, including (but not limited to unauthorized access to computers or networks; unauthorized modification of programs or data; unauthorized copying of programs or data; use of computers to commit fraud; interfering with authorized access by others; introducing viruses; and more.


Taking of almost anything of value without the consent of the owner, with the intent to keep or otherwise prevent owner from regaining.


These and many other offenses carry serious penalties which can include jail time, probation, and substantial fines and victim compensation.  They can also result in the loss of your professional accreditations, your job, your reputation, and more.

If you are charged with a crime, you should contact our office immediately.  Michael Rieger will work with you, help you understand the charges and begin mapping out a defense strategy.

Every offense has its own specific definition, and every offense has a clearly defined burden of proof for the prosecution.  Michael Rieger knows the burden of proof and is experienced at challenging every area where that burden if not fully satisfied.  

Such challenges can help create reasonable doubt and can lead to
your acquittal.

If guilt is not in question, Michael Rieger will work with you, the prosecution and the courts to seek the best possible adjudication of your case, whether that be in the form of reduced charges, probation instead of jail time, counseling programs or other options.



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